Srijana-G 1. Srijana G 44th rank — studied MA Political Science from Osmania University
Raghuvamshi-Yanamandra - Top IAS Rank Holder - Excell Career India 2. Raghuvamshi Yanamandra —139 Rank— He studied from IIT Kharagpur, he had Sociology and Maths as optional subjects.
Anupama-James - Top IAS Rank Holder - Excell Career India 3. Anupama James— 159 Rank, Studied in IRMA Anand, was working in IFMR Chennai, later she shifted to TVM, had Sociology and geography as option.
Kamnashish-Sen - Top IAS Rank Holder - Excell Career India 4. Kamnashish Sen –   289 Rank—IIM (Ahmadabad) is working in Chennai  Hinduja Leadership Program Had Sociology and Public administration as optional.
Deepthi-Alanghat - Top IAS Rank Holder - Excell Career India 5. Deepthi Alanghat – 521st Rank BE from Palghat works now in Bangalore CTS had History and Sociology as optional subjects
Karuppaswamy Photo - Top IAS Rank Holder - Excell Career India 6. Karuppasamy Ramakrishnan —286th Rank – BE from National college Koilpatti. Had Pub ad and Tamil lit as optional.
Abishek-IIT 7. Abhishek Gupta 592th Rank — Had Sociology and as optional , Did BE from Chandigarh, works now in Chennai in Central exercise department.
8. Samuel Paul – 246th Rank  BE from Sai Ram engineering college had Pub ad and geo as optional.


ROHIT MALPANI 192nd Rank – From Rajasthan IIT Madras

ROHIT MALPANI - Top IAS Rank Holder - Excell Career IndiaThe first thing which sets Excell class apart from others is that the schedule is very flexible and a student can get personal attention from Mr. Kalyan Sir right from the very first day. In fact, it is one of the best options for anyone preparing along with job in Chennai. I often use to discuss many burning issues with him and got good scores in essay and public administration papers in both the attempts.

Full credit goes to Sir for helping me develop my thinking capability required in these papers. Being an ex-civil servant himself he has top level contacts with ex-bureaucrats and proactively helps in one’s interview preparation. Civil services exam preparation is just 10% academics and 90% Mental war and in this journey one needs specific guidance from an established guru, emotional support from parents and ‘informal encouragement’ from friends. I got everything from Kalyan sir itself. — Rohit Malpani

ANUPAMA SHARMA 383rd Rank – From Haryana Institute of Rural Mangement Anand (IRMA)

ANUPAMA_SHARMA - Top IAS Rank Holder - Excell Career IndiaExcell proved to be a turning point for my civils preparation. With due efforts from Excell team, I was thoroughly updated with important happenings around the world, which eventually helped me not only in GS but in pub ad too. Personal discussions with Kalyan sir helped me clear my fundamentals of various subjects. It was double beneficial for me as it did not only provide me good faculty but a very good group of co-learners (Rohit Malpani, Santosh Padi and Rohan Coutinho).

I am very much thankful to Excell and its team for their support, guidance and wishes! Regards!—ANUPAMA.

SHIVA PRAKASH 141st Rank – From Andhra Pradesh IIT Madras

SHIVA_PRAKASH - Top IAS Rank Holder - Excell Career India

Rocheus Sukanya who got 286th Rank cracked civil service in her first Attempt with Sociology & Psychology as her optional subjects, St. Joseph Engineering College Chennai.