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on: June 9, 2015, 08:53

I thought I will share some on my thoughts on the civil services exams and the pattern which is emerging now, and some tips as how to cope up with the latest trends and some of the formulas for success. You can follow the tips as it suits you, because in these kinds of exams, universal success formulas are there, out of which you have to follow your own unique brand of formula as every human being  is unique and differs from memory, assimilating powers , methods of routine studies which he or she follows from childhood etc. I am of firm opinion that for civil services exams an aspirant has to emotionally identify himself with our country its history, culture, polity, geography, the various phases of economic development. In fact one should start with reading The Discovery of India before embarking on proper preparation.  It elevates the aspirants’ personality  in the competition vis a vis others,  the personality has to be nurtured from the beginning stages in communication, written, oral ones so that all that will reflect in the main exams as well as Interview, it does not happen all of a sudden. Every second every minute every hour every day during the 18 months of preparation the mind should weave passionately assuming the full fledged personality of the future civil servant with energy, enthusiasm and emotion. Keeping the picture of a future civil servant and walking as if one has attained success enhances the personality and any picture held firmly in any mind, in any form , is bound to come forth. These traits are more essential than the studies. See in the case of preparing for CSE the future successful candidates walk like a winner from the beginning be it library, coaching institute or in Group discussions as they are determined people, no second plans will do in these exams, It calls for immense faith in our selves so that it gives boldness which has genius, power and magic in it.
<h6>The men who have succeeded are men who have chosen one line and stuck to it. The following are the affirmations on which they walk every day --</h6>
</strong>'Winning is an attitude.'
'I am a winner, regardless of the outcome.'
'Winning is a rewarding voyage, not a destination.'
'The joy of competition is in the fun of execution.'
'When I do my best, there is dignity even in loosing.'
'Victory is transitory, while outstanding performances are not'.
'I focus on the process, and the product takes care of itself.'
'Act like a winner, and I am a winner.'
'I might not control the outcome, but I can control my level of play. I play and participate like a winner.'

Many aspirants identify with coaching centers and fully dependant on the notes, coaching gives only a path, guidance and focus. Apart from that, the biggest asset is it gives a group; a compatible ones, who ever passed successfully are the ones well participated in the discussions among the chosen group. In competitions group or friends circle help a lot, as this exam needs everyday motivation, sharing enhances.

Competition is not annihilating the other person. The killer instinct is not the best path to success, True strength, like water blends with forces. We can cooperate with our competitors in a way that makes us like partners, assisting each other on the road to enlightened performance. Identifying with a particular teacher or a coaching institute do not help, it limits our preparations, as rigidity will block our growth. Evolved individuals have no fixed mind. Fixed minds obscure the unlimited boundaries of your potential. Keep your mind open; keep a Beginner's Mind.

UPSC is increasingly moving into the domain of testing the analytical power of the aspirant and her/his ability to offer progressive suggestions. It is no longer just “define” questions, but more of questions which require the aspirant to think on the spot, adapt and form inter-linkages across topics. Factory made answers are out. It is also breaking the myths of “safe topics” and going into hitherto untouched areas. So as the exam evolves, we need to evolve too. This can be easily handled by preparation without prejudices, and open mind, geared up to adapt etc. Of course simple questions will also feature in the question paper, which have to be fully capitalized.

<strong>In the next articles we will get into the details of preparations, current affairs, newspapers, and various resources. Persist on the journey and greatness is yours! All the best!!! </strong>

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