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Our Approach for IAS Exam

We give coaching – IAS Exam, for regular and weekend classes for the working aspirants. We give printed material as notes for our aspirants and group discussions are held on current affairs and subjects. Regular tests are conducted for improving the skills and this practice help the aspirants to perform well in the exams. Online IAS coaching for GS Prelims with instructional design is under preparation and this will be ready for 2008 exams. We are conducting online tests now onwards.

We have an excellent faculty tuned to the needs of the exams. We have a good library containing all the reference and subject books. We have sufficient PCs and students can avail the same for getting information from the net. We have separate hostel facilities for boys and girls. We have coaching in Tamil medium also. Taking into account the rural background of some of our aspirants we teach in English and Tamil both to make it easier to learn from the mother tongue.

How to read Hindu and collect facts from the civil service point of view.

  • Read head lines,
  • Avoid political news.
  • Leave out local, district, state level news unless it has all India importance.
  • Read Hindu fifty years ago (Column next to religion).
  • Editorial.
  • News national, international where the currency of the news item will last more than a year in matters of social, political, scientific, economical and constitutional etc.
  • In the sports news at least one should be able to identify the player with his / her game.
  • Major land marks in the prominent sports and events should be gathered.
  • PM, FM, RBI governor, Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission speeches should be closely followed as they are policy statements.
  • Give due importance to Business and Industry page as the Govt. is fully tuned to market economy. Weekly once CRL Narasiman writes on current economic topics and they are really good.
  • One should gather news like an administrator of the country if he is put on job what all important for his working knowledge on the subject.